Sky Ridge Duelist / Force-healer / Force-lord



Sky Ridge - Female CloseSky Ridge - Female FrontSky Ridge - Female BackSky Ridge - Female RightSky Ridge - Female Left


Sky Ridge - Male CloseSky Ridge - Male FrontSky Ridge - Male BackSky Ridge - Male RightSky Ridge - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Sky Ridge Female VestmentsSky Ridge Female Lower RobeSky Ridge Female Boots

Sky Ridge Female HeadgearSky Ridge Female Gloves

Sky Ridge Female BeltSky Ridge Female Bracers

Sky Ridge Male RobeSky Ridge Male Lower RobeSky Ridge Male Boots

Sky Ridge Male HeadgearSky Ridge Male GlovesSky Ridge Male Sash


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Sky Ridge Dyed



HeadSky Ridge Force-Lord’s Headgear
ChestSky Ridge Force-Lord’s Vestments
HandsSky Ridge Force-Lord’s Gloves
WaistSky Ridge Force-Lord’s Sash
LegsSky Ridge Force-Lord’s Lower Robe
FeetSky Ridge Force-Lord’s Boots
WristsSky Ridge Force-Lord’s Bracers


HeadSky Ridge Force-Healer’s Headgear
ChestSky Ridge Force-Healer’s Robe
HandsSky Ridge Force-Healer’s Gloves
WaistSky Ridge Force-Healer’s Sash
LegsSky Ridge Force-Healer’s Lower Robe
FeetSky Ridge Force-Healer’s Boots
WristsSky Ridge Force-Healer’s Cuffs


HeadSky Ridge Duelist’s Headgear
ChestSky Ridge Duelist’s Robe
HandsSky Ridge Duelist’s Handwraps
WaistSky Ridge Duelist’s Waistwrap
LegsSky Ridge Duelist’s Legwraps
FeetSky Ridge Duelist’s Boots
WristsSky Ridge Duelist’s Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Rishi Main / Class Quest Line

  • Head – Frontal Assault, Battle of Rishi FP
  • Chest – Class Quest
  • Hands – An Enemy Twice Over / Lingering Hate
  • Waist – Torch’s Flame, Blood Hunt FP
  • Legs – To Disrupt the Order
  • Feet – Traitor’s Burden / Path of Betrayal
  • Wrists – The Revanites Revealed


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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