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TOR Fashion


  1. Pairaka
    27 May 2012 @ 1450

    The color of this outfit seems dependent upon skin tone (at least for humans). My character has a light skin tone and the outfit is a burgundy color on her. I was with a friend who bought the outfit who had a darker skin tone and when she equipped it, the outfit was white. On my Chiss character it’s pale pink.


    • dulfy
      27 May 2012 @ 1518

      interesting, that is good to know!


    • Pairaka
      9 September 2012 @ 2319

      In the time since I made this comment, I have since come to understand that the different colors seen for the Slave Girl top are a bug. The white (lighter color) of the top is a bug. The proper color is the rose or mauve color. I have a guildy who has his Sith Inquisitor wearing this top and ingame it displays as the lighter color but in cutscenes it is rendered as the darker mauve color. Much like the Sith Inquistor Rakata chest which commonly display ingame as black but in cutscenes is rendered red.


  2. Jeremy
    18 February 2014 @ 0945

    The top for this set does not appear to take dye modules. I plugged a black-deep red module in and the top did not change colors. The rest of my character’s outfit did though.


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