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  1. gua543
    27 July 2017 @ 0443

    I find it hard to believe the Empire would have the desire to terraform Tatooine, even if it was at the height of it’s power (it’s not). Neat outfight though.


    • Sleeperbase
      27 July 2017 @ 1714

      Thanks! That was drawn from the unabridged works of Merile Yurrion.


  2. Nikaro
    27 July 2017 @ 0457

    I would love to know what dye you are usinmg for that outfit?


    • Sleeperbase
      27 July 2017 @ 1710

      Sure thing! It’s one of the new dyes: olive green and tan. I couldn’t find an option for it on the submission form.


  3. Atlantic
    28 July 2017 @ 1703

    Somehow i knew you could make great use of that new dye.


    • Sleeperbase
      5 August 2017 @ 2151

      Aww thanks so much! It’s a terrific dye 😀


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