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Sniper Rifles–Similar Sounding

Please see Weapon Sounds for a full, up-to-date listing of all weapon sounds. Weapon names with an * have a video with sound effects in the post. The SRSS* naming conventions used below are internal to this website only and are not related to any SWTOR naming conventions.

Table of Contents

weapon.ranged.rifle.normal01 (BRSS08 – 1099)

weapon.ranged.rifle.sniper01 (SRSS07 – 1223)

weapon.ranged.rifle.sniper02 (SRSS08 – 1224)

weapon.ranged.rifle.sniper03 (SRSS09 – 1225)

weapon.ranged.rifle.sniper04 (SRSS10 – 1226)

weapon.ranged.rifle.sniper.elite_01 (SRSS13 – 2037)

weapon.ranged.rifle.sniper.elite_02 (SRSS11 – 1975)

weapon.ranged.rifle.sniper.elite_03 (SRSS12 – 2024)

weapon.ranged.rifle.sniper.elite_04 (SRSS14 – 2259)

weapon.ranged.rifle.sniper.elite_05 (SRSS15 – 3075)

weapon.ranged.epic.rifle01 (SRSS01 – 1217)

weapon.ranged.epic.rifle04 (SRSS02 – 1218)

weapon.ranged.epic.rifle05 (SRSS03 – 1219)

weapon.ranged.rifle.bowcaster01 (BRSS07 – 1098)

weapon.ranged.rifle.bowcaster02 (SRSS05 – 1221)

Not yet available

  • vonBoomslang

    Hmm. One of the categories is doubled up, and I’m not seeing the Primordial rifles…

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thanks, it’s corrected now.

  • Aleksey314

    Any of those sniper rifles have good deep sound, like Series of shots? Or they all have that tinny not serious pew-pew?

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