Character – Snowriver – Jung Ma – Assassin

Submitted by: A.O.


snow00 snow01 snow03snow02  snow04



Head Not visible
Chest Bastila Shan’s Tunic Black and Deep Red
Hands Atton Rand’s Gloves
Waist Relaxed Uniform Belt Color Matched
Legs Relnex’s Pants Color Matched
Feet Outlaw’s Boots Color Matched
Wrists Elegant Dress Cuffs Color Matched
Weapon Devastator’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber Advanced Mint Green Indestructible Crystal
Offhand Not visible

Where to Obtain:

Chest: Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack

Hands: Pursuer’s Bounty Pack

Belt: Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack

Legs: Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack

Feet: Cartel Market

Wrists: Pursuer’s Bounty Pack

Weapon: Black Market/Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack

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