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  1. Zakun
    23 October 2014 @ 1703

    I dunno. Doesn’t look like something Commander Shepard would wear…


  2. gua543
    24 October 2014 @ 0145

    It’s like somebody took the phantom set and said to himself “Hey, why not colors?”. And this is the result.


    • Exiled Messenger
      24 October 2014 @ 0829

      I was thinking they decided to throw ketchup and mustard at the Phantom set.


      • Astyra
        24 October 2014 @ 1438

        Lol was thinking the same thing. At least with the proper dye I can stop chasing the 1.5 mil Phantom chestpiece. I’m VERY disappointed that there’s no hood, though. I guess I could try getting Revan’s chestpiece or the Investigator one.


        • Unperson
          29 October 2014 @ 2036

          Be advised that this is a “hood down” version of the Phantom chest, which, unlike the Phantom piece (where the hood simply disappears with certain headgear), means it’s affected by the dreaded double hood bug. This bug also affects the Investigator set.


          • JediJulius
            29 October 2014 @ 2158

            Dulfy has pics of player characters with just the chest piece equipped. It has the hood down and no hood up. There is no double hood, just a good ol’ hood down. A welcome bit for when I want that phantom style but want to see my face eh? 😉

          • Unperson
            1 November 2014 @ 1140

            Sorry, you are correct – there aren’t actually two hoods. What I meant is that the Spectre chest piece has, by default, a hood down configuration, where the hood clips through the back of the tunic, as you can see here:


            This is more noticeable with smaller frame body types, being almost a non-issue with a male bt3.

            The Phantom and Revan pieces have the hood up but it disappears if you equip certain headgears, preventing the clipping issue I was referring to.

          • Astyra
            4 November 2014 @ 1149

            K nice to have that sorted out… But it won’t change the fact that I don’t get my hood :'( Now that I look at it, I see the bracers look pretty sweet. When everyone goes insane over these packs I’ll probably be able to get me some for under 1k 😉

          • Astyra
            3 November 2014 @ 1113

            I’ve never heard of this bug before… Double hood? Does this refer to the style of hood/pauldrons on the Revan and Investigator style sets?
            And yes, I saw that it’s a hood down version 🙁 Even if it had a hood, I don’t think I would wear it because dye mods don’t take away the purple and gold trim on the armor. Might use the helm on an INquisitor, though. The ugly color scheme doesn’t seen to affect it too much.

          • Astyra
            4 November 2014 @ 1152

            I would get this if it simply were a hood down version of Phantom, but it’s not. Those colors are irrepressibly ugly, and dyes won’t get rid of the gold piping on the set.

  3. Zac David Schneider
    24 October 2014 @ 2117

    …I’m gonna grab the hat.


  4. Remianen
    26 November 2014 @ 1150

    Apparently there’s a bug with this set where it can’t be unlocked globally. I got it on one character (it’s in her collections) and when I logged into another character to unlock it (for the helm, mainly), the arrow wasn’t present. I reported it as a bug (I don’t think that’s intended).


  5. Alexandru von Carstein
    24 September 2016 @ 1130

    Does not look so bat, goes well for the Sith Sorcerer or Jedi sage


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