Squadron Leader



Squadron Leader - Female CloseSquadron Leader - Female FrontSquadron Leader - Female BackSquadron Leader - Female RightSquadron Leader - Female Left


Squadron Leader - Male CloseSquadron Leader - Male FrontSquadron Leader - Male BackSquadron Leader - Male RightSquadron Leader - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Squadron Leader Female JacketSquadron Leader Female PantsSquadron Leader Female BootsSquadron Leader Female HelmetSquadron Leader Female BeltSquadron Leader Female GlovesSquadron Leader Female Bracers

Squadron Leader Male JacketSquadron Leader Male PantsSquadron Leader Male BootsSquadron Leader Male HelmetSquadron Leader Male BeltSquadron Leader Male GlovesSquadron Leader Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Squadron Leader Dyed

Hides Hood

Squadron Leader Hides Hood


HeadSquadron Leader’s Helmet
ChestSquadron Leader’s Jacket
HandsSquadron Leader’s Gloves
WaistSquadron Leader’s Belt
LegsSquadron Leader’s Pants
FeetSquadron Leader’s Boots
WristsSquadron Leader’s Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Mid Rim Explorer’s Pack