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  1. Vodorlo
    20 December 2014 @ 1525

    Any confirmation that these things exist in-game?


  2. Gahn
    17 January 2015 @ 1408

    Does this even drop?


  3. Belisarios
    21 January 2015 @ 0930

    I guess it will drop from Battle of Rishi and Blood Hunt HM when Game Update 3.1 hits live. Hopefully it’s also BoE like the other Command Walkers.


  4. smoqy1
    26 January 2015 @ 1351

    I posted this question in the forums and I got a reply that a guy’s guildie got one in the current Battle of Rishi Tactical. If true, that mean SM (since at the time of writing this HM is not out yet) and that it’s simply just very rare. Good luck!


  5. Ramirez Julais
    17 July 2015 @ 1731

    Just here to confirm it drops from the Tactical Flashpoint, did so on my very first run actually 🙂


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