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  1. Arby
    7 July 2014 @ 0931

    So… yet another ridiculously huge vehicle for people to use to block the view/access to mailboxes, GTN terms, vendors, etc… Looks cool, yeah, but just another annoyance tbh.


    • kjhgfdsasdasak
      8 July 2014 @ 0727

      Would you rather we have the same archetype for mounts that follows literally everything else? I’m glad they’re thinking a little bit outside the box and not just reskinning and producing crappy little mounts that’ll go on the gtn for 5k.


      • Arby
        16 July 2014 @ 0550

        I think I would rather they don’t make mounts big enough for people to park on top of objects and block other players’ access to them.


        • Sisqi
          16 July 2014 @ 1854

          I would rather that people dismount when they are checking GTN, mailbox or cargo hold. :S


          • Arby
            17 July 2014 @ 0133

            Would be nice if it happened automatically like when claiming mission rewards.

        • vin b
          14 March 2015 @ 1753

          it never blocks access. you can click through any mount as if it does not exist


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