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Star Wars Celebration 2019 SWTOR Fan Community Giveaway

What is Star Wars Celebration?

Star Wars Celebration is a convention for all things Star Wars. It will be taking place this year in Chicago April 11 – 15, 2019. 

What is the SWTOR Fan Community?

The SWTOR Fan Community is a large group of players who are community leaders, content creators, and passionate, positive players who love Star Wars: The Old Republic. These players will be working together to bring the spirit of SWTOR’s various online communities to the convention, and bring the excitement of the convention to players online.

The SWTOR Fan Community was accepted as a fan-run club at the event and will have an official booth at the convention. The SWTOR Fan Community is not run by or affiliated with Bioware, but instead is a partnership between many SWTOR-based online groups and creators.

Who is a part of the SWTOR Fan Community?

What will the SWTOR Fan Community be doing at Celebration?

The SWTOR Fan Community will bringing the spirit of the online community to the convention to share their passion for the game with other Star Wars lovers who will be at the convention. We will have at our Booth #1344:

  • Swag to give away: be will be bringing 1,000 buttons and 2,000 art postcards to give away to visitors at the event that showcase some of the iconic characters from the game

The first six buttons are some fan favorite characters… the 7th is special and made by hand by a player named StrykeZone!

    • Giant Giveaway: We will be having a huge giveaway for prizes online and in person. We will be giving away over 1 billion credits and 200,000 cartel coins worth of prizes! Attendees will receive a special code that will allow them to enter a giveaway online and enter their character name, or enter to win gametime codes.
    • Datacron: Swtorista has created a life-size glowing blue datacron! Guests are welcome to pick it up and take photos with it.
      Video about how it was made:
      Image of Datacron:
  • Computer: A fellow player has generously donated so that we can have a computer inside our booth! We will be renting a gaming computer, electricity from the event organizers, and another player has provided 4G hotspot internet. We will have a special account pre-set-up that has all 8 classes ready to try out.
  • Cosplayers of the Old Republic: Our booth will be right beside the Cosplayers of the Old Republic and we will be sharing space with them. You can learn more about their group here and view photos of their cosplayers who are attending:
  • Passionate players: The booth will be staffed by volunteers from the community who, in short, love the game. There will be Dekion, Fyonha from Ootinicast, Streamers Kogass and Lady Rann, Wil the D&D enthusiat, Six the SWTOR Discord Moderator, Mox & Jessie from Pasionately Casual podcast, Alise & Majikace from The Council podcast, and will be supported by other players attending like Max from the Escape Podcast, Ted from the SOTOR podcast, and many, many other SWTOR fans.
  • Cantina: The offically-run SWTOR Event will be Saturday, April 13th at a nearby hotel. We will be showing up in full force.

What will the SWTOR Fan Community be doing online?

The SWTOR Fan Community will also be bringing Star Wars Celebration to everyone online.

  • Streaming Live: Players who are attending live will be pairing up with streamers and podcasters at home to stream live from the event via video call. Keep your eyes on the SWTOR Twitch directory during the event or follow the SWTOR_Community twitter account for the upcoming schedule
  • Live photos: We will have an app on our phones that automatically uploads photos to  so follow @swtor_community if you want to see the event!
  • Huge Giveaways: Starting a week before Star Wars Celebration, keep your eyes open for giveaways across every online fan-run community including Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Facebook and content creators.
  • Guilds: Part of the project is to help connect players with communities. Swtorista has built an online guild finder tool:
    Every guild active in 2019 from the official forums, reddit and twitter has already been invited to the tool and so far there are over 100 active guilds published in the directory! The directory is for guilds of all types and sizes. Players who want to add their guild should have a leader or officer contact Swtorista at @swtorista on twitter, /u/swtorista on reddit, [email protected] by email or Swtorista#0153 on Discord.

Streaming Live

Due to volatile internet, we can’t guarantee we will be streaming live from the event but we are definitely going to try.

Here is a list of streamers who will have live video from the event on their channels:

The schedule is still being created and will likely be released after April 3rd due to the way panels are being run this year.

Some of the live things we hope to cover:

  • Cosplayers of the Old Republic Interview Booth #1244
  • SWTOR / KOTOR Cosplayers in Costume (there’s lots of them on the floor!)
  • Photoshoot: Friday, April 12, 2019 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CDT the Cosplayers of the Old Republic photo shoot
  • SWTOR Devs (we don’t know their availability at all though)
  • Whatever SWTOR has on the show floor
  • SWTOR Fans on the floor
  • Galaxyprops exhibitor will be  selling lots of SWTOR / old republic props!
  • Pride Squadron LGTBTQ in SWTOR/KOTOR Booth #1346
  • Cantina: Before the event (April 13 in line at 6 PM CDT)
  • Cantina: During the event (April 13 starts at 7 PM CDT to about 8 PM)
  • Panel: The Art and Craft of Video Game Writing Mon, Apr 15 – 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM CDT – Charles Boyd and author from Alphabet Squadron; Twilight Company panel (note: filming is not allowed during panels. But maybe we will get permission.)

TOR Fashion / TOR Decorating

We can’t attend, but we do have two 30-day subscription codes to giveaway. Instead of doing a costume and stronghold contest, I want to make it completely random as to who wins. You have up to four options to win one of the TOR Fashion / TOR Decorating codes (use the form links!):

  1. Visit the SWTOR Fan Community website
  2. Visit the TOR Fashion Facebook page
  3. Follow @swtor_community on Twitter
  4. Follow TOR Fashion on YouTube

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