Stevirr Yorhun – The Leviathan

  • Character: Stevirr Yorhun of The Leviathan
  • Trooper: Commando
  • Submitted by: Aranvar

Ad heres my cathar trooper, probably a bit clichée but I wanted to come up with some kind of "snow cat super-soldier" idea…once again mostly made from cartel armor pieces in order to have the deifnitive mix finished as early as possible in the story.
Thats why I used some armor pieces from sets designed for cold planets or looking like power armors (like the ones from Halo), and a big machine gun supposed look like it carries its own generator able to even support a secondary shield generator.
The main problem is that most of the pieces I used dont go really well together regarding dyes, so I had to purchase a full white on white module, even if overall, even if it made the mix very expensive, it became necessary to get a sucessfull snow trooper camouflage.
But if the empire had their own trooper class, this look would probably fit them better, as the mix doesnt look really republican in the first place, and more like an advanced version of snow trooper from the recent era…

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Recon Trooper Yes Cartel Market
Chest Fieldtech Gunner White/White Cartel Market
Hands Holoshield Trooper Yes Cartel Market
Waist Recon Trooper Yes Cartel Market
Legs Malgus Reborn Yes Cartel Market
Feet Holoshield Trooper Yes Cartel Market
Weapon Starforge assault canon RH-35 Holoshield Blue Cartel Market/Craft