Stormcrest Vorn Tiger

  • Stronghold Decoration: Mounts, Pets and Companions – Mounts
  • Hook Type: Floor Medium, Floor Large
  • Guild Stronghold Purchase Cost: 50,000 credits

Vorn tigers were a non-sentient feline species native to the planet Alderaan. They were one of the numerous species of predators of Alderaan, distinguished by their distinctive horns and covered by a blue, sleek fur. Considered an extremely territorial and solitary hunter, a Vorn tiger usually avoided major settlements, but were absolutely merciless to anyone unlucky enough to wander into their hunting grounds. A particular behaviour observed by zoologists was how tigers marked their territory, they did so by gouging bark from trees with their horns. They noted that those particular markings were both unique and consistent, this because each tiger scratched consistently their “own” pattern and in a unique way.- Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

 Stormcrest Vorn Tiger FrontStormcrest Vorn Tiger Back  Stormcrest Vorn Tiger Side


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