Stregon – The Ebon Hawk

    • Character: Stregon of The Ebon Hawk
    • Companion: Skadge
    • Submitted by: DeeGee

“At first all I saw was a gigantic ill-tempered pimple with legs. But then, as I got to know him, I came to learn that beneath that hideous face he was also a really terrible person.”

Skadge as Disney’s Beast. I should be sorry, but I’m not. The Belle outfit is pretty far off the mark, but it is:
– Elegant Dress (Dark Yellow/Medium Yellow)
– Kreia’s Gloves (matched)
– Luxurious Dress Sash (matched)
– Kreia’s Lower Robes (Deep Yellow/Dark Blue)
– Atris Boots (matched)
– Covert Wrists


ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
ChestCalo Nord’s JacketNone & Pale BrownArchon’s Contraband Pack (GOLD)
WaistFormal Militant’s BeltYes&Acolyte’s Shadow Pack (BRONZE)
LegsAtton Rand’s PantsYes&Pursuer’s Bounty Pack (SILVER)
FeetGenteel Dress ShoesYes&Regulator’s/Enforcer’s Contraband Pack (SILVER)
WristsVrook Lamar’s BracersYes&Seneschal’s Stronghold Pack (BRONZE)
WeaponChoose crystal color

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