Supreme Inquisitor

  • Source: Adaptive Gear Vendor (Fleet, Dromund Kaas)
  • Cost: 2,500 credits per piece


Supreme Inquisitor - Female CloseSupreme Inquisitor - Female FrontSupreme Inquisitor - Female BackSupreme Inquisitor - Female RightSupreme Inquisitor - Female Left


Supreme Inquisitor - Male CloseSupreme Inquisitor - Male FrontSupreme Inquisitor - Male BackSupreme Inquisitor - Male RightSupreme Inquisitor - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Supreme Inquisitor RobeSupreme Inquisitor LegwrapsSupreme Inquisitor HeadgearSupreme Inquisitor BootsSupreme Inquisitor HandwrapsSupreme Inquisitor WaistwrapSupreme Inquisitor Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow / Black and Black / Dark Green and White

Supreme Inquisitor Dyed FrontSupreme Inquisitor Dyed Backblackblack12darkgreenwhite12

Doesn’t Hide Hood

Supreme Inquisitor Doesn't Hide Hood

Head Supreme Inquisitor’s Headgear
Chest Supreme Inquisitor’s Robe
Hands Supreme Inquisitor’s Handwraps
Waist Supreme Inquisitor’s Waistwrap
Legs Supreme Inquisitor’s Legwraps
Feet Supreme Inquisitor’s Boots
Wrists Supreme Inquisitor’s Bracers


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