Sythillis – Star Forge

  • Character: Sythillis of Star Forge
  • Sith Warrior: Marauder
  • Submitted by: FourSe7en
  • First and foremost, my inspiration for this came directly from Coldforge's character Kivido, found here:

    I fell in love with the look, but wanted to portray a character that went through the same physical harm Vader did, but without the cape (no capes!) and a more mechanical appearance.

    I changed a few things from Coldforge's character, namely the legs. I used them for a while, but after getting the Hot Orange colour crystals and the Unstable lightsaber, the blue lights on the legs really started to irk me. See the last screenshot showing why. I was hesitant to change to the Series 512 legs because I thought it would make the character look off balance, but in the end I preferred the look of the 512 legs over the Series 212 legs. I don't colour-match the legs, but all it changes is the orange wires, which I actually like over gray ones.

    I also changed the belt to have a little more to it, as well as the red lights to match a little bit better. I also used the TD-07A bracers as opposed to the covert bracers because I couldn't afford them, and they worked really well. I also couldn't afford the black/black dye module, but I think the black base colour of the 512 set works really well with the primary medium gray and gives a bit more contrast to the overall look.

    Not major clipping issues, just some odd times when the character crosses his arms or looks down. One big breaking point for some might be when in some conversations the head slot is removed, killing the whole "horribly disfigured and mostly cybernetic" vibe, but going with a red Zabrak I can at least keep in line with the whole robo-leg Darth Maul thing.

    ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
    HeadFearsome Harbinger HeadgearYesNoneCM / GTN
    ChestSeries 512 Cybernetic TorsoPrimary Medium GrayCM / GTN
    HandsB-100 Cybernetic GauntletsNoNoneCM / GTN
    WaistB-100 Cybernetic BeltNoNoneCM / GTN
    LegsSeries 512 Cybernetic LegNoNoneCM / GTN
    FeetB-100 Cybernetic FeetNoNoneCM / GTN
    WristsTD-07A Panther BracersYesNoneImperial Fleet Adaptive Gear Vendor
    WeaponUnstable Peacemaker's LightsaberVolatile Weapon TuningAdvanced Hot Orange Eviscerating CrystalCM / GTN
    OffhandUnstable Peacemaker's LightsaberVolatile Weapon TuningAdvanced Hot Orange Eviscerating CrystalCM / GTN