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  1. Triple Zero
    15 July 2015 @ 1813

    So I recently became aware that this isn’t exactly like Energized Infantry armor set. It is in terms of looks but the helmet apparently has HUD that projects in front of it when the toon’s weapon is drawn. Probably not recommended for use by any with graphical issues like low fps though.


  2. Triple Zero
    13 August 2015 @ 1433

    Thanks to whoever added the animation. I recently picked up this set and discovered it has two distinct animations. Targeting reticle that appears in front of the helmet is tied to the helmet. The “tactical bar” HUD that appears to the right of the character is tied to the chest piece. In other words, your character will need both the helmet and chest equipped for both animations to display.

    P.S. I can’t seem to stop commenting on this article so please pardon my monologue.


  3. Akshay Desai
    14 June 2016 @ 1604

    Do you need to have this actually equipped (as in it affects your stats), or equipped as an Outfit (it’s aesthetic) to get the HUD effect?


    • Exiled Messenger
      14 June 2016 @ 1606

      For a brief time it would work either way. Now it has to be the visible outfit, i.e. the one in Outfit Designer.


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