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TOR Fashion


  1. Steve
    27 April 2017 @ 1607

    I would have never thought of that combo of outfit pieces and it looks awesome. This is why I come here to gain inspiration lol I wonder if it would look good on a female commando.


    • Avelineae
      27 April 2017 @ 1802

      Thank you very much! 🙂 The chest dyes really nicely as well, so I’m sure it can be molded to fit other styles/classes too.

      However… By the looks of it, this specific chest armor only has this look for Imperial characters, but according to TOR-Fashion there’s a couple bits that maintain the look on both sides (at least that’s what it would look like if I understood the list correctly). Exarch Mender/Onslaught MK-26 might offer an option for a Republic character, but I can’t personally confirm this… Fingers crossed if you do try putting together a similar look on the Rep-side!


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