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TOR Fashion


  1. Vulcana
    6 April 2017 @ 1900

    Great work! And the plates look good dont worry. Very cool screenshots


    • Avelineae
      7 April 2017 @ 0412

      Thank you very much! 🙂


  2. Janica
    7 April 2017 @ 0248

    Iv’e been trying to get those pants. Any Similarities in game other than grinding those crates?


    • Avelineae
      7 April 2017 @ 0414

      Sadly I haven’t been able to find similar pants outside these specific ones I got from the crates. I’ve scouted the GTN for quite a while now since another person really wanted the legs for another armor set they had in mind and they haven’t had luck with the crates either. Seems like as of now there’s no alternative other option besides praying for RNGsus in hopes for the drop from the crates. :c


    • Hagenbuch
      7 April 2017 @ 0424

      The Campaign Combat Medic/Eliminator and Supercommando/Combat Tech legs can still be crafted, check the GTN or ask in general chat.


  3. Kali
    10 April 2017 @ 1713

    Could you please tell me what numbers you used during creation? I really like your cosmetic choice and hair color! ( : outfit looks great!!


    • Avelineae
      11 April 2017 @ 0157

      Awwh, thank you! I’m really honored to hear you like Takaria’s look that much! : )

      Her sliders are…

      Body: 2
      Head: 1
      Scars: 10
      Complexion: 39
      Eye Color: 5
      Cosmetics & Face Paint: 3
      Hair: 23
      Hair Color: 6
      Skin: 16

      The complexion I chose is the one that actually gives the eyelids and lips a darker shade to begin with, and I think I used a very light cosmetic choice to complement it. If you don’t want the EXACT look, feel free to experiment with the cosmetics options and see how they blend with the complexion!
      The scarring is totally optional as well, by the way. I just liked the idea of her having a sort of “mark of shame” she’d hide under the hair, her being a Bounty Hunter and all. It hardly shows from under the hair anyway, so if you prefer not to have any scars at all on your character, it’s totally fine to leave that out. ^^


      • Kali
        11 April 2017 @ 0815

        Thank you very much!!


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