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  1. Atlantic
    8 August 2016 @ 1538

    Very nice job all around. I really like this helmet. I use it (and most of that set) on my female hunter, Narcis. I’ll bet she even defeated that Mandalorian this time.


    • Ri'ann Dor
      9 August 2016 @ 1642

      Hehe, of course she did, there were credits involved after all! 😛

      Thank you! I actually had pretty much dismissed the Vile Hunter set when it came out, but after coming back to it a couple of times it really has grown on me…it has some pretty cool little details.


  2. Aeden Darko
    9 August 2016 @ 0802

    Wow! This looks awesome! Nice combo and shots! I just love your posts.

    Wish you were on JC. Could team up for some cool shots. ?


    • Ri'ann Dor
      9 August 2016 @ 1659

      A joined picture session would be really cool, although it may be almost too much awesome for one server to handle ;).
      (I’m running low on character slots…maybe one day I’ll branch out to another server!)

      Thanks, I’m glad you like it, it means a lot coming from you.


  3. Errtai
    10 August 2016 @ 0030

    I am yet to see something “meh” from Ri’ann or something simply less awesome. Outfits, the characters themselves and the screenshots are always top-notch. This one isn’t an exception. Well done as always!


    • Ri'ann Dor
      21 August 2016 @ 0559

      Thank you so much Errtai, I’m really happy you feel this way!
      You actually had an influence on how I create my characters nowadays. Yours always feel really fleshed out and just very vivid, that’s why I also concentrate more on giving them faces and outfits that will tell you a little of their back story by just looking at them instead of simply making another pretty character.
      Thanks again!


  4. Jezzroth
    10 March 2017 @ 1413

    Love this, but cant seem to dig up that chestpiece


    • Ri'ann Dor
      12 March 2017 @ 0452

      Thank you! Glad you like it.

      If you have trouble finding older crafted armor pieces on the GTN it might be worth it to ask in general chat if someone can make it for you.


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