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TOR Fashion


  1. gaelicvixen
    21 December 2016 @ 0744

    It looks great And pfeh about it being an Agent outfit! I use that jacket on my Sin :p


  2. Darth Ji'inx
    21 December 2016 @ 1222

    “Battle-Hardened Apprentice” confuses me. It looks like a Smuggler (or Agent?) set, but its name suggests it’s for a Force user. I guess it was inspired by Starkiller’s jacket in The Force Unleashed II.

    Currently, my Gunslinger uses “Battle-Hardened Apprentice” + “Exiled Revolutionary’s Goggles.”


    • Tatiya
      22 December 2016 @ 2105

      Seriously, now you’ve commented on two of my posts. I neeeeeed pics of your toons!!11!one!!


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