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  1. Njessi
    7 April 2016 @ 0916

    You are quite brave to take Skadge’s pants. I would burn any of his armor immediately… but especially the pants.


    • Tatiya
      7 April 2016 @ 0921

      It took several drinks and a big try cleaning bill, but I went there.


      • Steve
        7 April 2016 @ 1134

        ew I bet there were some major stains to clean up LOL o.o also major altering of the size as i’m sure they were quite baggy.


        • Sisqi
          8 April 2016 @ 0311

          Makes you wonder about Skadge clothing choices: bikini bottoms over trousers?! I’m still not convinced that even Superman can pull that off ;).

          Love the coordinated colours on this outfit.


  2. Nathan Bruha
    7 April 2016 @ 1438

    I would never admit to wearing Skadge’s pants.


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