Taung Blaster

Images: (Submitted by: Aikion of The Shadowlands)

Taung Blaster



Blaster Pistol Taung Blaster

Where to Obtain:

No longer available



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From Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Taung

The Taung were an ancient species of Humanoid simians. Indigenousto the galactic Core World of Coruscant, the two-meter-tall, gray-skinned Taungs were warriors from youth, and viewed battle as a source of honor both for the individual and their gods. Famous for their struggles against the Human Battalions of Zhell—prehistoric Coruscant’s other major power—the Taung waged war against their enemies for hundreds of years. When a powerful volcano erupted and devastated the Zhell, spewing ash into the sky with such density it blocked out the light of Coruscant’s sun, the Taung labeled themselves the “Warriors of the Shadow“, or Dha Werda Verda in their language. Despite their loss, the Zhell eventually managed to drive the Taung from Coruscant, and the defeated Taung fled to the planet Roon, located in the Outer Rim. There they remained for millennia, until legendary Mandalore the First led the Taung to conquer a new world which they named Mandalore in honor of their leader, and the Taung subsequently recast themselves as the Mandalorians orMando’ade—”Sons and Daughters of Mandalore”.