TD-15A Pyro-Tech CloseTD-15A Pyro-Tech FrontTD-15A Pyro-Tech BackTD-15A Pyro-Tech RightTD-15A Pyro-Tech Left

Female (Submitted by: Allara of Prophecy of the Five)

F - TD-15A Pyrotech Front F - TD-15A Pyrotech BackF - TD-15A Pyrotech Side


TD-15A Pyro-Tech - Male CloseTD-15A Pyro-Tech - Male FrontTD-15A Pyro-Tech - Male BackTD-15A Pyro-Tech - Male RightTD-15A Pyro-Tech - Male Left

Male (Submitted by: Demagol of Telos Restoration Project)



Head TD-15A Pyro-Tech Helmet
Chest TD-15A Pyro-Tech Body Armor
Hands TD-15A Pyro-Tech Gauntlets
Waist TD-15A Pyro-Tech Belt
Legs TD-15A Pyro-Tech Leggings
Feet TD-15A Pyro-Tech Boots
Wrists TD-15A Pyro-Tech Bracers

Where to Obtain:

This is the level 40 PvP set for Powertech that can be purchased from PvP Vendors. The belt/bracers are not moddable.


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces

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