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  1. Ritha
    29 May 2012 @ 2258

    Now if only this came in red, it’d look most like the armor Jace Malcom wore =]


  2. Matt Marshall
    30 May 2012 @ 1822

    For Red, you could get the Xonolite Mesh Chest from Alderaan Heroics or the crafted Laquerous Mesh Chest, then color match everything else.  Pretty close to Jace’s armor.


    • Ritha
      31 May 2012 @ 1257

      lol yeah I thought of that too.  But Jace’s armour is similar to this chest piece, with the thick stripes running the length of the shoulder/upper arm armour, and a blank, full-coloured left shoulder piece (the piece that sticks out – no idea what it’s called).
      Gah! lol


      • Enderverse
        17 August 2014 @ 1619

        I know this is 2 years old but I’m gonna leave this for everyone else:
        Just try for the Deep Red and White Dye or the White and Deep Red Dye (I can’t remember which will match the Trooper armor coloration.)


  3. Ohsee
    2 June 2012 @ 2305

    Headgear dropped for me today off Graymane on Ilum


    • Ritha
      3 June 2012 @ 0349

      Friend got it from the blue lock box reward from the Heroic 4 in Blastfield shipyards.  Don’t remember the name of the heroic.  New management or something, I think.


  4. Nicholas Polidori
    18 August 2012 @ 0418

    Anyone know where you get the chest piece?


  5. Krasimir Munev
    15 March 2013 @ 1236

    In the Set Column on both Feet and Wrist is the links for Bracers


    • ExiledMessenger
      15 March 2013 @ 1406

      Fixed, thanks!


  6. Triple Zero
    16 August 2013 @ 2214

    In the Set section the feet are linked to TD-17A Talon boots instead of TD-17A Colossus boots


    • Exiled Messenger
      17 August 2013 @ 0743

      Thanks, I’ll have to correct this when I get back from vacation. I can’t get the WordPress app to pull up a post from that long ago.


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