• Source: Adaptive Gear Vendor (Fleet, Coruscant, Dromund Kaas)
  • Cost: 20 or 30 x Common Data Crystal per piece
  • Info: Jet Pack Info


TD-17A Imperator - Female CloseTD-17A Imperator - Female FrontTD-17A Imperator - Female BackTD-17A Imperator - Female RightTD-17A Imperator - Female Left


TD-17A Imperator - Male CloseTD-17A Imperator - Male FrontTD-17A Imperator - Male BackTD-17A Imperator - Male RightTD-17A Imperator - Male Left

Individual Pieces

TD-17A Imperator Body ArmorTD-17A Imperator LeggingsTD-17A Imperator BootsTD-17A Imperator HelmetTD-17A Imperator GauntletTD-17A Imperator BeltTD-17A Imperator Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow / Black and Black / Dark Green and White

TD-17A Imperator Dyed FrontTD-17A Imperator Dyed Backblackblack15darkgreenwhite15

Hides Hood

TD-17A Imperator Hides Hood

Head TD-17A Imperator Helmet
Chest TD-17A Imperator Body Armor
Hands TD-17A Imperator Gauntlets
Waist TD-17A Imperator Belt
Legs TD-17A Imperator Leggings
Feet TD-17A Imperator Boots
Wrists TD-17A Imperator Bracers


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