Theron Shan



Theron Shan - Female CloseTheron Shan - Female FrontTheron Shan - Female BackTheron Shan - Female RightTheron Shan - Female Left


Theron Shan - Male CloseTheron Shan - Male FrontTheron Shan - Male BackTheron Shan - Male RightTheron Shan - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Theron Shan Female JacketTheron Shan Female PantsTheron Shan Female BootsTheron Shan Female GlovesTheron Shan Female BeltTheron Shan Female Bracers

Theron Shan Male JacketTheron Shan Male PantsTheron Shan Male BootsTheron Shan Male GlovesTheron Shan Male BeltTheron Shan Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Theron Shan - Dyed


Chest Theron Shan’s Jacket
Hands Theron Shan’s Gloves
Waist Theron Shan’s Belt
Legs Theron Shan’s Pants
Feet Theron Shan’s Boots
Wrists Theron Shan’s Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack


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Theron Shan was a Human male who worked as a spy for the Galactic Republic‘s premier intelligence agency, the Republic Strategic Information Service, during the Cold War and the Galactic War against the Sith Empire. The secret son of Jedi Knight Satele Shan and Captain Jace Malcom of the Republic Special Forces Division, Theron was born around the year 3666 BBY after his parents fought together in the Battle of Alderaan during the Great Galactic War. However, Shan’s mother gave up her child to be raised by her former teacher, the Jedi Master Ngani Zho, and young Theron was trained as a Jedithroughout his childhood. When Zho realized that Shan possessed none of his mother’s strength in the Force, the youth was forced to leave the Jedi Order. Shan eventually began working for the Strategic Information Service, and he had become one of SIS Director Marcus Trant‘s top field agents by the later years of the Cold War.