Thexan Reborn – Darth Malgus

    • Character: Thexan Reborn of Darth Malgus
    • Jedi Knight: Sentinel
    • Submitted by: Jay Asher

Build your own Thexan! I went through several attempts at getting as close as possible and this is what I got. Why? It’s fun as poop end game to tromp around with Thexan with Acrann as your comp. Not to mention it puts a really messed up twist on everything said in KOTET.

Video / Movie of said setup in action. Only difference is I went with evil Thexan with Sith eyes and I’m a lil pale compared to Arcann But I fixed that in the build. Play around with the skin color 1-2 notches till you get it just right

Provided are exact settings for all to enjoy as any class playing as thexan or someone who looks just like him.

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Chest Thexan’s Robes CM / GTN
Hands Thexan’s Gloves No CM / GTN
Waist Thexan’s Belt No CM / GTN
Legs Thexan’s Pants No
Feet Thexan’s Boots No
Wrists Unrelenting Terror’s Bracers Yes CM / GTN
Weapon Thexan’s Lightsaber Lightning Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Eviscerating Crystal Artifice
Offhand Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Eviscerating Crystal

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