Thirah – The Progenitor

    • Character: Thirah of The Progenitor
    • Bounty Hunter: Mercenary
    • Submitted by: Rabenschwinge

It’s a turquoise colour crystal.

I did try a variation with Wicked Huntress Pants, which is accaptable, but it does look best with a skirt.

ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadMandalorian Hunter HelmetYes&Cartel Packs
ChestArmored Interrogator BreastplateMedium Green & Dark GreenCartel Packs
HandsMandalorian Hunter GauntletsYes&Cartel Packs
WaistArmored Interrogator BeltYes&Cartel Packs
LegsVisas Marr’s Lower RobesYes&Cartel Packs
FeetEidolon BootsYes&Cartel Packs
WeaponGR-10 Plasma Core BlasterCartel Packs
OffhandGR-10 Plasma Core BlasterCartel Packs

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