Tionese Combat Medic/Eliminator (Pub)


Female – Belt/Bracers not shown

F Tionese Combat Medic Close F Tionese Combat Medic Front F Tionese Combat Medic Back F Tionese Combat Medic Right Side F Tionese Combat Medic Left Side

Male – Belt/Bracers not shown (Submitted by: Ormuzd of The Red Eclipse)

TioneseMedicC TioneseMedic



Head Tionese Combat Medic’s Helmet
Chest Tionese Combat Medic’s Body Armor
Hands Tionese Combat Medic’s Gauntlets
Waist Tionese Combat Medic’s Belt
Legs Tionese Combat Medic’s Legplates
Feet Tionese Combat Medic’s Boots
Wrists Tionese Combat Medic’s Bracers


Head Tionese Eliminator’s Helmet
Chest Tionese Eliminator’s Chestguard
Hands Tionese Eliminator’s Gauntlets
Waist Tionese Eliminator’s Belt
Legs Tionese Eliminator’s Greaves
Feet Tionese Eliminator’s Boots
Wrists Tionese Eliminator’s Vambraces

Where to Obtain:

No longer available.


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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