Tionese Stalker/Survivor (Pub)


Female – Belt/Bracers not shown

F Tionese Stalker Close F Tionese Stalker Front F Tionese Stalker Back F Tionese Stalker Right Side F Tionese Stalker Left Side



Head Tionese Stalker’s Headgear
Chest Tionese Stalker’s Robe
Hands Tionese Stalker’s Handwraps
Waist Tionese Stalker’s Waistwrap
Legs Tionese Stalker’s Legwraps
Feet Tionese Stalker’s Boots
Wrists Tionese Stalker’s Bracers


Head Tionese Survivor’s Headgear
Chest Tionese Survivor’s Robe
Hands Tionese Survivor’s Handwraps
Waist Tionese Survivor’s Waistwrap
Legs Tionese Survivor’s Legwraps
Feet Tionese Survivor’s Boots
Wrists Tionese Survivor’s Bracers

Where to Obtain:

No longer available.


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces

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