Tive-Mos – The Red Eclipse


Character – Tive-Mos – The Red Eclipse – Sentinel

Submitted by – TiveMos




PieceNameColor Matched?Dye/Crystal Color(s)
Head(prototype) primeavel batllemind’s headgearNone & None
Chestremulus dreypa’s cloakNone & None
Handsexar kun’s gauntletsNone & None
Waistmartial pilgrim beltNone & None
Legsdark seeker pantsNone & None
Feetexar kun bootsNone & None
Wristseidolon wristguardsNone & None
Weapontythonian force master lightsaberBlue Core
Offhandtythonian force master lightsaberBlue Core

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: dont remember, sorry!! :/
  • Chest: cartel market
  • Hands: cartel market
  • Waist: cartel market
  • Legs: cartel market
  • Feet: cartel market
  • Wrists: cartel market
  • Weapon: cartel market pack
  • Offhand: cartel market pack


the set of my main toon o swotr!! i choosed tython for the pics cause that’s where all started 3 ago for me so…has his meaning!! hope youlike it m8’s!! πŸ™‚ enjoy!!