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Click on each item in the left column below to go to a TOR Fashion YouTube video.

Cartel Market/Packs
Ball TossCrime Lord's / Black Market Cartel Pack
Camping (Health Regen)Opportunist's Bounty Pack
Carbonite Chamber (Health Regen)Cartel Market
Celebration Jawa2016 Life Day Bundle
Celebration Mishap (Health Regen)Cartel Market
Chance Cube (Health Regen)Club Vertica Nightlife Pack
Darth Malgus Holostatue (Class Trainer)Crime Lord's / Black Market Cartel Pack
Data Entry (Health Regen)Cartel Market
Dueling BannerBlockade Runner's Cartel Pack
Emergency Medical Table (Health Regen)Cartel Market
Fashion CheckDread Warlord Pack
Fearsome RageEternal Command Pack
Feign Dead (Health Regen)Architect's Stronghold Pack
Fireworks - FinaleCartel Market - Life Day 2012; Fireworks Bundle
Fireworks - FountainCartel Market - Life Day 2012; Fireworks Bundle
Fireworks - ImperialCartel Market - Life Day 2012; Fireworks Bundle
Fireworks - Republic Cartel Market - Life Day 2012; Fireworks Bundle
Glowing Eyes - GoldCrime Lord's / Black Market Cartel Pack
Glowing Eyes - RedCrime Lord's / Black Market Cartel Pack
Gree Hypergate (Health Regen)Wild Space Explorer's Pack
Holocall - Health RegenVigilant Defender Pack
Holoprojector Disguise Vice Commandant's Contraband Pack
Huttball PuntDiscord Pack
HY-G9 Vanity ChamberDeep Core Explorer's Pack
Imperial BannerCrime Lord's / Black Market Cartel Pack
Infernal Krayt Dragon MaskCartel Market
Infernal Thranta MaskCartel Market
Jawagram: AwesomeRegulator's / Enforcer's Contraband Pack
Jawagram: Good JobRegulator's / Enforcer's Contraband Pack
Jawagram: I Love YouCartel Market - Valentine's Day 2012
Jawagram: It's a SurpriseCartel Market - Valentine's Day 2012
Jawagram: May the Force Be With YouRegulator's / Enforcer's Contraband Pack
Jawagram: Nice TryRegulator's / Enforcer's Contraband Pack
Jawagram: Party OnRegulator's / Enforcer's Contraband Pack
Kai Zykken's Unparalleled Log Mount (Health Regen)Underworld Alliance Pack
Kolto Tank (Health Regen)Regulator's / Enforcer's Contraband Pack
Life Day Holo-TreeCartel Market - Life Day 2012/2013
Life Day Surprise2017 Life Day Bundle
Life Day Orb (Health Regen)Cartel Market - Life Day 2012/2013
Life Day Snowball CannonCartel Market - 2015
Life Day Tinsel BombCartel Market - Life Day 2012/2013
Massage Bot (Health Regen)Apprentice's Shadow Pack
Meditation Chamber (Health Regen)Tracker's Bounty Pack
Mime (Health Regen)Space Jockey's Starfighter Pack
Mind Trap (Health Regen)Pilgrim's / Initiate's Shadow Pack
Music Therapy ProbeVice Commandant's Contraband Pack
Life Day Holo-Shrub Disguise2016 Life Day Bundle
Loosen Up (Health Regen)Precious Cargo Pack
One Handed Handstand (Health Regen)Seneschal's Stronghold Pack
One Man Band (Health Regen)Acolyte's Shadow Pack
Orbital Kolto Strike (Health Regen)Pursuer's Bounty Pack
Pocket Sarlacc (Health Regen)Supreme Mogul's Contraband Pack
Portable Relaxation Unit (Health Regen)Archon's Contraband Pack
Push Ups (Health Regen)Galactic Ace's Starfighter Pack
Rancor Holo-ReplicaCartel Market
Rapid Repair Drones (Health Regen)Constable's Stronghold Pack
Remote Control StarshipBlockade Runner's Cartel Pack
Republic BannerCrime Lord's / Black Market Cartel Pack
Revan Holostatue (Basic Comm Vendor)Vice Commandant's Contraband Pack
Senya Holo Statue (Class Trainer)2016 Life Day Bundle
Satele Shan Holostatue(Class Trainer)Crime Lord's / Black Market Cartel Pack
Soa (Health Regen)Master's Shadow Pack
Sparring Droid (Health Regen)Outer Rim Explorer's Pack
Starfighter Battle CameraWingman's / Dogfighter Starfighter Pack
Supply Pack (Health Regen)Mid Rim Explorer's Pack
Tactical Marker PackTracker's Bounty Pack
TRK-R Treatment Chamber (Health Regen)Cartel Market - Halloween 2013
Turret Simulator (Health Regen)Force Alliance Pack
Vending Machine (Health Regen)Gatekeeper's Strongold Pack
Warm Hands (Health Regen)Hotshot's Starfighter Pack


  1. Arby
    26 April 2015 @ 0845

    Holoprojector disguise is not a health regen item


    • Ravarah
      26 April 2015 @ 1137

      It … doesnt say anything about it being one?


      • Exiled Messenger
        26 April 2015 @ 1139

        I fixed the table after Arby posted.


        • Arby
          27 April 2015 @ 0137

          Oh thank God, I thought I was losing my mind 😉

          I just found this page yesterday, it is totally awesome btw. Thanks for the whole site EM


  2. Jed Korino
    28 September 2016 @ 1410

    I see no mention of one health reben item, the one I could call “meditation” (not “meditation chamber”). I have seen few players using it, quite a rare one I think


    • anoneemoose
      28 September 2016 @ 1750

      Could it be the Mirialan racial ability called focusing ritual?


      • Jed Korino
        28 September 2016 @ 2020

        huuuuuu….never played Mirialan…which explains I didn’t know it was a racial ability, instead of a health regen toy. I’m a bit disappointed but thanks for the info 🙁


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