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  1. Arclinon
    15 May 2012 @ 2013

    Yet another proof of “Traditions are stupid” How does she see in that anyway plus metal mask with a bikini? Whats next hoodie with propeller?


    • dulfy
      15 May 2012 @ 2019

      A majority of the helmets in this game are just plain ugly or they don’t show at all cuz they are hidden by the hood. The columi/rakata helmet for sorcs is just hideous. 


      • Arclinon
        15 May 2012 @ 2050

         Atleast they don’t form a set with a bikini


        • Nick
          5 February 2013 @ 0345

          theres the dancer sets from the security key vendors which is a bikini/ slave outfit and theres a slave outfit available on nar shada


  2. Martin Lopušek
    24 May 2012 @ 2227

    Hi. How to obtain schematic? I need lower robe.


    • dulfy
      24 May 2012 @ 2346

      hey, you would need to run Underworld Trading Rank 5 missions to have a chance at the schematic


  3. Pairaka
    6 June 2012 @ 1434

    Interesting. The Republic version of this set looks like the robes that the Revanites in the camp on Dromund Kaas wear. 


  4. Feartheswans
    11 November 2012 @ 1833

    One f the few I like the pub version better than the imp one.


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