Traditional Nylite (Imp)



Traditional Nylite Imp - Female CloseTraditional Nylite Imp - Female Close No HeadTraditional Nylite Imp - Female FrontTraditional Nylite Imp - Female BackTraditional Nylite Imp - Female RightTraditional Nylite Imp - Female Left

Female – missing hands, waist, feet, wrists (Crafted by: Ead’weard of The Harbinger)



Traditional Nylite Imp - Male CloseTraditional Nylite Imp - Male Close No HeadTraditional Nylite Imp - Male FrontTraditional Nylite Imp - Male BackTraditional Nylite Imp - Male RightTraditional Nylite Imp - Male Left

Male – missing hands, waist, feet, wrists (Submitted by: Ikari)

Traditional Nylite (sorry, forgot to get one with hood up and hat hidden)


HeadTraditional Nylite Headgear
ChestTraditional Nylite Vestments
HandsTraditional Nylite Gloves
WaistTraditional Nylite Sash
LegsTraditional Nylite Lower Robe
FeetTraditional Nylite Boots
WristsTraditional Nylite Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Crafted – Synthweaving. This is the level 24 crafted 7-piece set.


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces