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  1. Swordlord
    28 April 2017 @ 1341

    Just to note, Hide Head Slot causes the hood to appear. I personally prefer that appearance over the circlet, though you can use that mechanism to “lower your hood” as part of a RP interaction.


  2. Kriega One
    8 November 2019 @ 1012

    So, wasn’t this supposed to be added to some Spoils of War fleet vendor for 6.0? All I see is pets and mounts vendor, and the remaining listings for this gear seem to go into the millions…


  3. gua543
    9 November 2019 @ 0929

    I read a post in which someone claimed he had gotten some pieces of gear that used to drop from the Command Crates as green BoL pieces from Onderon and Mek-sha mobs. Not much to go on, but could be worth checking out if it’s true.


  4. d rose
    9 November 2019 @ 1427

    I have been working on the lower ilevel gear, while they are all re-skins, I don’t think they are the same as the command crate armor.


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