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  1. Jake Nolan
    16 October 2015 @ 2100

    Is this set still available? And if it is, is it dye-able?


    • BluesLight
      25 November 2015 @ 0951

      Some pieces are still available on the GTN if you watch for them, but the vendor pieces have been removed. Unsure if they’re still on the world drop table or if old pieces are just circulating.


  2. Merovejec
    19 May 2017 @ 0539

    So i gues these r unavailable now, the only thing that drops is Outlander stuff.


    • D. Rose
      19 May 2017 @ 1042

      World drops are dependent on your level now, rather than planet. The problem is, leveling is so fast that the odds of getting a particular piece of armor while you are the correct level is very small.


      • Merovejec
        19 May 2017 @ 1059

        Yeah i kinda figured the same. Its nearly impossible to go and kill elites without overlevelong now


        • thatHARVguy
          19 May 2017 @ 1157

          I started playing with the White Acute Module during XP events, to get more Heroic rewards and increase the chances of completing the sets. Once Heroic rewards stop at level 61, I go back to Class/Planetary missions with XP boosts.

          As for the armor, I got the Mercenary Elite head/chest/leg schematics off the GTN. The rest is the TT-17A Hydra from the fleet’s Adaptive Gear vendor.


          • Merovejec
            19 May 2017 @ 1219

            Yeah I just did that, got schematics for legs and hands I think off gtn, but those u can actually buy from the vendor. I later found the whole set on gtn, seems ppl have the schems and keep crafting/selling them. I now have more sets and will start forming my own outfit.

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