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TOR Fashion


  1. Rico
    3 July 2013 @ 1235

    Are the pieces planet specific? Or do all the pieces drop randomly on each planet?


    • Exiled Messenger
      5 July 2013 @ 0228

      From what I can tell, each piece is not specific to a planet or particular quest. They are random within the zones equivalent to the level requirement for the piece.


      • Rico
        10 July 2013 @ 0444



  2. Bastardodcadena
    28 June 2015 @ 2018

    1 time head drops in direct 7


  3. Dr Tod
    12 October 2015 @ 1453

    found the helmet in The Foundry HM from one of the bosses (don’t remember which)


  4. Fed up Citizen
    25 January 2016 @ 2235

    Why on Earth did SWTOR get rid of all the gear vendors? I have lost so much respect for that game after they did that. I still play, but just about at the end of my rope with this game over some of the stupid things they do like that.


    • gua543
      26 January 2016 @ 0248

      Living up to your name, eh? Tbh I don’t find one reason that justifies the removal of the gear vendors, but I’m not really bothered by their disappearance either.


      • Edmundo Weber
        5 August 2016 @ 0647

        I am.


  5. Alexandar von Carstein
    12 May 2016 @ 0306

    Well notw this is a nice piece of Mando class armor, good for any Merc. or P.T.! 😀


  6. Anonymo
    25 September 2016 @ 1304

    I really like the leggings of this armor set but don’t like that the back of the leggings is not bilateral. One of the legs is not armored in the back. Does anyone know of a set of leggings that looks the same in the front but has armor on both legs in the back?


  7. Sadriel_Fett
    15 May 2017 @ 0512

    Favorite armor set.


  8. Some Guy With Problems
    4 June 2017 @ 1132

    As someone who saved the unleashed boltblaster armor set for years,I was somewhat upset that this was created. It’s just the same thing with a different belt.


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