Tund Sorcerer



Tund Sorcerer - Female CloseTund Sorcerer - Female FrontTund Sorcerer - Female BackTund Sorcerer - Female RightTund Sorcerer - Female Left


Tund Sorcerer - Male CloseTund Sorcerer - Male FrontTund Sorcerer - Male BackTund Sorcerer - Male RightTund Sorcerer - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Tund Sorcerer Female Upper RobeTund Sorcerer Female Lower RobeTund Sorcerer Female BootsTund Sorcerer Female HeadgearTund Sorcerer Female GlovesTund Sorcerer Female BeltTund Sorcerer Female Bracers

Tund Sorcerer Male Upper RobeTund Sorcerer Male Lower RobeTund Sorcerer Male BootsTund Sorcerer Male HeadgearTund Sorcerer Male GlovesTund Sorcerer Male BeltTund Sorcerer Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Tund Sorcerer Dyed

Hides Hood

Tund Sorcerer Hides Hood


Head Tund Sorcerer Headgear
Chest Tund Sorcerer Upper Robe
Hands Tund Sorcerer Gloves
Waist Tund Sorcerer Belt
Legs Tund Sorcerer Lower Robe
Feet Tund Sorcerer Boots
Wrists Tund Sorcerer Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Deep Core Explorer’s Pack


From Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sorcerers_of_Tund

The Sorcerers of Tund were a largely reclusive, secretive group of an ancient order of Sith sorcerers notable for their concealing outfits. The Sorcerers were highly skilled in deception, illusions, and shapeshifting. They rarely ventured off Tund, and were known to be driven mad by their explorations of the Force.