Turi – Begeren Colony


Character – Turi – Begeren Colony – Commando

Submitted by: Oma


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Head BK-0 Combustion Face Mask Color Matched
Chest Forward Recon Chest Plate White and White
Hands Concealed Bodysuit Gloves
Waist TD-17A Talon Belt Color Matched
Legs Trooper’s Renowned Greaves Color Matched
Feet Carth Onasi’s Boots Color Matched
Wrists Not listed
Weapon DLA-13 Heavy Blaster Rifle Blood Red

Where to Obtain:

Head: Contraband Resale Cooperation Reputation Vendor; Requires Hero

Chest: Space Pirate’s Cartel Pack

Hands: Contractor’s/Freelancer’s Bounty Pack

Waist: Random world drop

Legs: Legacy vendor – level 10

Feet: Regulator’s/Enforcer’s Contraband Pack

Weapon: Blockade Runner’s Cartel Pack

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