• Character: Ty'vash of The Ebon Hawk
  • Smuggler: Scoundrel
  • Submitted by: Raven Fal
  • I based this outfit on the character Ninja Slayer from the anime "Ninja Slayer from Animation," based on the Ninja Slayer light novels. This outfit specifically reflects his end-of-the-series appearance, taking advantage of the Sith Pureblood's red skin to cover for the outfits lack of covering in some areas.

    I didn't include a weapon, since Ninja Slayer fights bare-handed.

    I thought the Nar Shadaa stronghold did a decent job of replicating Neo-Saitama's appearance, so I chose it as the backdrop of the "action" shot.

    Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
    Head TD-17A Imperator Helmet Yes & Adaptive Gear Vendor
    Chest Revered Seer's Tunic None & None GTN
    Hands Blade Tyrant's Handgear Yes & Adaptive Gear Vendor
    Waist Darth Sion's Sash Yes & GTN
    Legs Darth Sion's Leggings Yes & GTN
    Feet Fortified Defender Boots Yes & GTN
    Wrists &