Ulgo Loyalist

The House of Ulgo (also referred to as House Ulgo, and claimed by its supporters to be the new Royal House) was an Alderaanian noble family with a long history of military excellence that existed by the time of the Cold War. Family values, disciple and duty were considered traits that the Ulgos prided themselves with them forsaking the pampered, aristocratic lifestyles of the other noble houses ofAlderaan. Ulgo tradition also required that every member serve in the military, which had produced generations of distinguished officers.” – Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/House_of_Ulgo


Ulgo Loyalist - Female CloseUlgo Loyalist - Female FrontUlgo Loyalist - Female BackUlgo Loyalist - Female RightUlgo Loyalist - Female Left


Ulgo Loyalist - Male CloseUlgo Loyalist - Male FrontUlgo Loyalist - Male BackUlgo Loyalist - Male RightUlgo Loyalist - Male Left

HeadUlgo Loyalist Helmet
ChestUlgo Loyalist Chestguard
GloveUlgo Loyalist Gauntlets
BeltUlgo Loyalist Utility Belt
LegUlgo Loyalist Greaves
FeetUlgo Loyalist Boots
WristUlgo Loyalist Bracers



Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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