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  1. David P
    28 October 2013 @ 1725

    I call this the “Cobra Commander” set. 🙂


  2. NunyaDangBisness
    4 July 2015 @ 0219

    I saw this on the Bodyguards in Scum & Villainy and always wanted one…how’d I not know about this before?!?!? Oddly, I just found one on the GTN…which is strange given that it’s Token Gear. Now I have to decide if I send it to my Gunslinger for the pUb look (which I also love) or keep it for my Merc and do a somewhat more “cowboy” themed look.


    • DeadInHell
      4 August 2015 @ 2125

      I do believe you can dismantle token gear and, with some luck, learn to craft a customizable copy. Which is a blessing, given that I really wasn’t keen on spending however many hours trying to get into the related ops and then roll for the one piece I want if it ever shows its face.

      Much rather spend a few hundred thousand credits to quickly and easily get to the item I need. One of the things I like about this game is the various ways you can get to the gear you want. I appreciate not being forced into the CM or endless OPS runs to get a piece of armor.


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