Unit Alpha – The Shadowlands

    • Character: Unit Alpha of The Shadowlands
    • Imperial Agent: Sniper
    • Submitted by: gringobranco

As soon as I saw the new Enigmatic Hero helmet, I thought “Finally, a frakkin’ Droid head!”
This is the best droid-head set I’ve seen and changes the vibe of the costume (previously using THORN rebreather).
The only short-term issue is a slight color difference (even when set to color-match the helm to the rest / chest). I need to work on that. The mask actually has some nice little effects on it if you look closely. I’ve tried other droid-feet but these seem the best fit to make the legs look droid-y. The mask picks up some “lights” / highlights from the chest too which is nice. The Gree Sniper Rifle not only sort-of color matches, but has great visuals. May be even cooler to add new Matrix tuning to it.

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Enigmatic Hero’s Mask Yes & GTN, Cartel Market
Chest Series 212 Cybernetic Torso None & None GTN, Cartel Market
Hands B-100 Cybernetic Gauntlets Yes & GTN, Cartel Market
Waist Stately Dress Sash Yes & GTN, Cartel Market
Legs Series 212 Cybernetic Legs Yes & GTN, Cartel Market
Feet Series 858 Cybernetic Feet Yes & GTN, Cartel Market
Wrists &
Weapon Gray Helix Sniper Rifle

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