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TOR Fashion


  1. Kit Walker
    29 May 2016 @ 0336

    Wow, you’ve put together a great look here. The chest piece, first off, is quite rare, I almost never see it on GTN on my server – the helmet goes well with it, probably more so than the regular Zildrog helmet, nice choice. Great job combining pieces from completely unrelated gear and creating a look that is both unique and steeped in classic inspirations – those boots are absolutely killer for this outfit, well done.


    • Atlantic
      29 May 2016 @ 1508

      I ended up with the chest piece from the Underworld Alliance Pack when it was available just by chance. I’m not sure that I would have used it otherwise. It is rare on my server as well, possibly because it’s a black robe but truthfully It has a lot going on and dyes terribly. This was a good exercise in forcing something to work with a lot of help from odd pieces that I collected from Alliance crates. Thank you for the comments and I’m glad you like it.


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