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TOR Fashion


  1. gua543
    14 August 2016 @ 1405

    That’s actually a really good set. Something like a dark side nun.


    • Atlantic
      14 August 2016 @ 1437

      That’s exactly what it is. My interpretation of the contest rules was to make things that would be embarrassing or uncomfortable for certain companions. Whether they look good or garish is secondary. Glad you like it!


    • Errtai
      14 August 2016 @ 1601

      I agree with gua, this is really a nice set. I’m so going to use this for my LS Jaesa. Nice job!


      • Atlantic
        14 August 2016 @ 1637

        It also works somewhat with different lower robes. I landed on simple, in the end. It looks interesting with Lucen Dray’s lower robes. The item dropdowns weren’t cooperating at all so here is what I used. Head:Kreia Chest:Revanite Vindicator Gloves:Visas Legs:Kreia Belt:Balanced combatant Wrists:Visas Boots:Doesn’t really matter, but these are Visas Marr’s. Also, thanks!


    • Exed
      14 August 2016 @ 2231

      I think so


  2. Thomas Parsons
    15 August 2016 @ 0743

    awesome outfit


    • Atlantic
      15 August 2016 @ 1752

      Thank you.


  3. Kyne
    19 August 2016 @ 1339

    Epic. The first two shots are superb.


    • Atlantic
      19 August 2016 @ 1553

      Thanks:) I don’t know what it is with the first two shots, I always think they should be on some kind of product packaging, like the tiny pictures at the center of some cigar bands. Don’t ask my why or even for an example, Lol. I liked shot 11 the best. The picture is a little warped but it looks like she’s leading someone or ones to safety.


    • Bastardodcadena
      4 September 2016 @ 1117

      i preffer last one or that who is choking..


  4. Ri'ann Dor
    21 August 2016 @ 0651

    I guess all the rage Jaesa must be building up in that outfit is good for her training…

    In my opinion the outfit fits the contest really well – it is hilarious on this particular character, but it is still an awesome outfit on its own. Well done!


    • Atlantic
      21 August 2016 @ 1102

      Thanks Ri’ann. I was avoiding any shots of rage until the last one so that the idea of the set was obvious. I think she looks serene in most of them (with bubbling rage underneath).


  5. Nussi
    9 November 2016 @ 0407

    Does anyone know by any chance how the set is called? (Or if it’s not a set, how are the individual armour pieces called?)


    • Metae
      9 November 2016 @ 0721

      Chest is Revanite Vindicator, head and skirt – Krea’s, wrists and hands – Visas’s (boots most likely too), belt – Sion’s or Balanced Conbatant’s.


      • Nussi
        19 November 2016 @ 0437

        Thanks! <3


  6. Thomas Parsons
    22 March 2017 @ 1616

    awesome Nun, i so want to do this! 😀


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