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  1. Calvin Cool
    19 May 2017 @ 0148

    One of my favorite mounts. Really cool speeder sound. I only wish the flourish collapsed both sides in at the same time for a narrower profile. But even still it has a manageable size for tight terrain and even cityscape.


    • TheBallazan
      11 August 2019 @ 1443

      Well there is a version of this called the Vectron Hunter. I think you should check it out on the Cartel Market. From what you wrote, I’d say it would be right up your alley


  2. Edmundo Weber
    19 May 2017 @ 1920

    This mount could be perfect for hunters, because it resembles the Slave I. But with this stupid sidey thing they’ve ruined it.


    • Calvin Cool
      19 May 2017 @ 2041

      I agree. It is my favorite though. It has some of the best sounds in game and varies when changing direction or accelerating.


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