Velaine Vylingas – Darth Malgus

  • Character: Velaine Vylingas of Darth Malgus
  • Sith Inquisitor: Assassin
  • Submitted by: TempyDergal

Will add more images if requested

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Remnant Dreadguard Inquisitor's Headgear Yes Supply Crate: Alien Research
Chest Jedi Knight Revan's Chestpiece (with hood) Black and Black Dye Module Cartel Market
Hands Squadron Leader's Gloves Yes Cartel Market
Waist Steadfast Master's Belt Yes Cartel Market
Legs Dark Interrogator's Greaves Yes Cartel Market
Feet Underworld Anarchist's Boots Yes Cartel Market
Wrists Dark Marauder's Bracers Yes Cartel Market
Weapon Redeemed Revan's Lightsaber Cartel Market
Offhand Advanced Black-Silver War Hero's Crystal