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  1. Alaric Skywalker
    16 February 2016 @ 1143

    I don’t know when, but it has had it’s reputation limit removed, but I can’t find it in the cartel market. Unless someone knows were to get it, would someone please let me know if it’ll return sometime?


    • blipsnchitz
      16 February 2016 @ 1906

      Nothing has changed from a rep requirement standpoint. This mount is still available from the Bounty Supply vendor in Cartel area on fleet, requiring Legend standing, 5x Cartel certs, and 120k creds.

      In 4.0 they made it available in collections, where it was not before. At the time, I was able to unlock it for a single Cartel Coin, though I don’t know if this has changed. They probably did this because they removed certs from all new packs.


      • Alaric Skywalker
        16 February 2016 @ 2239

        Well, I wish I noticed, then I could’ve gotten it then. Anyhow, if possible, do you know which vendor sells it, if at all, or where to purchase it with the “single Cartel Coin”,…., please?


        • blipsnchitz
          16 February 2016 @ 2252

          The vendor is in the Cartel Market area on fleet. Towards the back there is a platform with all the Cartel Market rep vendors, the one you are looking for is Bounty Supply. Once you purchase and use it on one character, it will be available to purchase in your Collections > Vehicles tab.

          I’m not sure if the 1 credit cost was a mistake or not when they first made this available.


          • Alaric Skywalker
            17 February 2016 @ 1300

            I checked it and all of them when I was last on, but no luck. I might check again to see if anything’s changed. If anything, I can attach images of what I got so you can see my predicament, if it continues.

          • blipsnchitz
            18 February 2016 @ 1235

            He is still there, and so is the pod with the same req’s as always. You might have just overlooked it

          • Alaric Skywalker
            18 February 2016 @ 1240

            I’m guessing that you checked recently? Either way, I’ll be checking tomorrow anyways to see if it still holds true. Perhaps I missed it when I was checking..

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