Venerable Seeker (Pub)



Venerable Seeker Pub - Female CloseVenerable Seeker Pub - Female FrontVenerable Seeker Pub - Female BackVenerable Seeker Pub - Female RightVenerable Seeker Pub - Female Left


Venerable Seeker Pub - Male CloseVenerable Seeker Pub - Male FrontVenerable Seeker Pub - Male BackVenerable Seeker Pub - Male RightVenerable Seeker Pub - Male Left


Head Venerable Seeker’s Headgear
Chest [Prototype] Venerable Seeker’s Robe
Hands Venerable Seeker’s Handwraps
Waist [Prototype] Venerable Seeker’s Waistwrap
Legs Venerable Seeker’s Legwraps
Feet Venerable Seeker’s Boots
Wrists [Prototype] Venerable Seeker’s Bracers

Where to Obtain:

  • Random drop from champions/elites on Belsavis. Purple gear is also craftable from world drop schematics. Belt and bracers are not moddable.
  • Legs: Belsavis Specialty Vendor


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces