Ventilated Triumvirate



Ventilated Triumvirate - Female CloseVentilated Triumvirate - Female FrontVentilated Triumvirate - Female BackVentilated Triumvirate - Female RightVentilated Triumvirate - Female Left


Ventilated Triumvirate - Male CloseVentilated Triumvirate - Male FrontVentilated Triumvirate - Male BackVentilated Triumvirate - Male RightVentilated Triumvirate - Male Left


Head Ventilated Triumvirate Helmet
Chest Ventilated Triumvirate Body Armor
Hands Ventilated Triumvirate Gauntlets
Waist Ventilated Triumvirate Belt
Legs Ventilated Triumvirate Leggings
Feet Ventilated Triumvirate Boots

Where to Obtain:

Club Vertica Nightlife Pack


From Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

The Sith Triumvirate was a loose alliance of what remained of Darth Revan‘s Sith Empire that almost destroyed the Jedi Order during the era of strife that took place after the Jedi Civil War. It was solidified sometime after the Battle of Rakata Prime. This organization was made up of several, if not hundreds of Sith apprentices, Sith Masters, and, most importantly, Sith Assassins. It was responsible for the near complete destruction of the Jedi Order during the First Jedi Purge and the attack on Katarr.


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces